Program Information

LAC Purpose

The LAC program is designed to identify, develop, and motivate new leadership for the Aiken County community. Program objectives are accomplished through a competitive selection process, intensive team-building activities, and exposure to local issues, regional resources, and various County leaders. Participants learn more about the critical issues of the community than many lifelong residents. LAC offers an intensive and up-close look at various sectors/areas of the community, from the larger cities of North Augusta and Aiken to the rural towns and unincorporated areas. Participants in LAC have the opportunity to explore and analyze issues that impact their county, while focusing on fundamental leadership principles. In addition to examining leadership roles in political, social and economic affairs, participants will get the chance to interact with a variety of community leaders. LAC guarantees increased understanding and change within each participant.

Leadership graduates join a growing network of alumni who are valued participants in the community and in the governmental activities that will determine the future of Aiken County.

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For more information on LAC, contact Board President Shayne Farrell at or 2017-2018 Class Coordinator Ben Harm, at