Leadership Aiken County (LAC) is a program designed to identify, develop, and motivate new leadership for the Aiken County community.

Established in 1981, LAC seeks to develop a group of informed, committed, and qualified individuals capable of providing dynamic community leadership for Aiken County.

Program objectives are accomplished through a competitive selection process, intensive team-building activities, and exposure to local issues, regional resources, and various city, county, state, and federal leaders. Participants learn more about the critical issues of the community than many lifelong residents.

LAC offers an intensive and up-close look at various sectors/areas of the community, from the larger cities of North Augusta and Aiken to the rural towns and unincorporated areas. Participants in LAC have the opportunity to explore and analyze issues that impact their county, while focusing on fundamental leadership principles.

In addition to examining leadership roles in political, social and economic affairs, participants will get the chance to interact with a variety of community leaders. LAC guarantees increased understanding and change within each participant.

Leadership graduates join a growing network of alumni who are valued participants in the community and in the governmental activities that will determine the future of Aiken County.


  • Identify and select highly motivated community leaders to participate in the program.
  • Challenge participants to become aware of, to examine, and to respond to the societal and economic needs of our community.
  • Develop an esprit de corps among participants that will provide a common ground for working together on present and future community needs.
  • Create a dialogue and sense of teamwork between participants and other community leaders.

CLASS OF 2024-2025

The Class of 2023-2024 will be wrapping up soon, and applications for the Class of 2024-2025 are now available!  Please CLICK HERE and apply for the 24-25 class!  The app deadline is August 4, 2024.  Individuals selected for the class will be notified shortly after the application deadline.  An opening reception for the new class will be held in late August/early September where participants will meet one another and receive insight on what to expect during  the coming year.  Then it’s off to a two-day retreat at Camp Gravatt (Sept 22 – 24, 2024) and the beginning of a great year of LAC activities!

Junior Leadership Aiken County

The Junior Leadership Aiken County (JLAC) program began in 1995, as a way to reach out to identify, cultivate, and challenge Aiken County’s future leaders.

Consisting of partnerships with public, private, and home schools throughout the county, JLAC consists of 20–25 10th graders who complete a shorter version of the LAC curriculum.

Session dates for JLAC typically (but not always) coincide with dates when Aiken County Public School District is closed.

The program kicks off with an opening reception in November, followed by a one-day retreat/ropes course at Camp Gravatt and three class sessions. Volunteer opportunities as well as a class project (chosen and completed by class members in close consultation with the class coordinators) will take place before the year concludes with a graduation ceremony in April.

Applications for the 2024-2025 JLAC class should be available in mid- to late September 2024.  Please check back here to apply!

Email: info@leadershipaikencounty.com

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